Island of the Sun and the Winds at Strand

Strand Borgholm is one of the most popular hotels on Öland and is also one of south-east Sweden’s leading conference facilities. Its location by the water on the beautiful island draws people for both business and pleasure. Strand Borgholm works actively to make your conference experience a success. A perfect spot for small gatherings or large celebrations. During the summer months the beloved restaurant Dockside is open with seating right by the water. 

Öland- where memories are made

There are plenty of sights on Öland. Many claim that there is something magical about the elongated island. Only 140km (75 miles) long but full of sights and monuments. A unique landscape spreads across the island and offers experiences all year round. Long stone walls flow through the land and whisper about past towns and farms. In the summer a sea of flowers bloom and Öland is vastly covered with a variety of colors. A walk over the plains “stora alvaret” at this time enchants anyone. It can be just as beautiful on a windless winter’s day when the sun sparkles in the snow and time seems to stand still. According to the locals themselves, autumn is the best time. Well into September, warm days await while nature slowly changes color. If you like quaint historical towns, Borgholm is a must with its green gardens and large parts of the older buildings preserved. Storgatan, which is a pedestrian street, is the heart of the city with shops, restaurants and a lively market square.



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