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We consider our employees to be our most important resource.


Our ethical

Care about the people around you

At Norlandia Hotel Group we care about a lot, but most of all we care about our employees and our guests. By paying attention, showing consideration and respecting our differences, we build trusting and strong relationships. We all need to be seen and appreciated, so we should be generous with positive comments and feedback.

Honesty, fairness and integrity

At Norlandia Hotel Group, it is an absolute must that we can trust each other as colleagues and that we always do our best towards our guests. That we want each others best. As a chain, we have a clear moral purpose and we always strive in our
actions and relationships to live up to these values. In line with that, we are careful to treat all our employees and guests fairly.

Zero tollerance for harassment, bullying and discrimination

At Norlandia Hotel Group, we have a view of humanity that transcends ethnicity, gender, religion, disability and sexual orientation. Bullying, harassment, discrimination or other behavior that can be considered derogatory or threatening, must under no circumstances occur in our workplaces, neither towards employees nor guests. Norlandia Hotel Group has a goal to be a 100% buyllying-free workplace.

Think environmentally in everything you do

Norlandia Hotel Group today consist of 35 hotels and a little over 3.500 hotel rooms spread over Norway and Sweden. The number of buildings and the number of hotel rooms means that the combined effect of a conscious relationship about energy
consumption and environmental protection can have a significant impact on nature and the environment around us, also financially. Be aware that your behavior and your contribution also contributes to the chains contribution to a better environment.


Career at Norlandia Hotel Group

At Norlandia Hotel Group, there are good opportunities to
develop and progress in your career. Every year we carry
out a talent program that we are very proud of that we

The program includes, among other things, the following

For the program, 10 selected talents from the chain are
given the opportunity to go through a program during a
year. The program will give them much knowledge of
what they might need on their way further in their hotel

Maybe the dream is to become a hotel manager at one of
our fine hotels.

Be a part of Norlandia Hotel Group

Our benefits

As an employee at Norlandia Hotel Group, you have the fantastic privilige of being able
to stay in our hotels at favorable prices.

We are proud of our hotels and would like you as an employee to visit as many of the hotels as

Norlandia has hotels in both Norway and Sweden, in mountain environments, urban environments and on the coast.

Our available jobs

Join a passionate team of people. We are a team dependent on each other to create the best results. To succeed in a changing world, we need experts for a wide variety of hospitality tasks. Fast growing companies need fast growing people and great leaders. This is why we are invest in our leaders ability and growth.

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Even though we may not have an open position that fits your profile right now, we always appreciate hearing from potential candidates who are interested in working with us in the future. By submitting a speculative application, you give us the opportunity to get to know you, your experience, and your ambitions.

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