The Magicial Northen Lights in Andrikken

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Northern Lights

Looking for great adventures and beautiful scenery?
Then Andøy is the obvious destination for you!

Visitors and thrill seekers from all over the world come here every year. No other place on the planet offers you close encounters with whales all year round and a virtual space journey to study the northern lights!

Andøy is famous for the fantastic opportunities to experience the ever-changing Northern Lights (aurora borealis). When the night sky fills with green rays of light in a steady pose, or a magical dance, it’s easy to lose sense of time and place. Such an experience is something you will never forget. Understandable that many people therefore dream of seeing it at least once in their lifetime.


Andøy is an inspiring place to visit for everyone who likes outdoor activities. In the summer you can enjoy long walks over mountains and fields – with amazing views from the mountains and hills. Try your luck fishing in the many lakes and rivers, or discover the landscape by bicycle – along forest roads and paths up the mountains. On the white sand beaches around Andøy you can relax with a picnic or some barbecue on the beach right by the shore. And there is no place better to enjoy the midnight sun!

During the winter there are plenty of opportunities for other activities. Go on a ski trip! No matter if you prefer cross country skiing through the lovely terrain – or if you prefer downhill skiing or slalom off piste, the conditions are great here. Or you can do as many other; Take out the camera, remember the stand and take unforgettable photos of your northern lights experiences!

And last but not least… both during summer and winter Andøya is the perfect place for arctic whale watching. Other all year round activities that are great here are kayaking, kite-surfing (eller menar man glidflyg, vet ej) and diving. 

Impressive Wildlife

The birdlife along the coast of Andøy is stunning. Bleik Island is a bustling bird sanctuary and in the summertime home to one of the largest puffin colonies in Norway! Several other seabird species also nest on the island, for example kittiwakes, shags, cormorants, common guillemots, razorbills, and Arctic skua.  The archipelago on the west coast is also a perfect nesting area for the largest of the seabirds, the gannet. Daily safari trips offer you the chance to get up close to these birds, you are also guaranteed to see white-tailed eagles on these tours.

Andøy is also home to a large harbor seal population and otters. Both species can be spotted from our harbors, while traveling along the coast or on one of the safari trips at sea. A more occasional visitor is the grey seal. If you get lucky you might get a glimpse of a European elk lurking in the bushes. The best time to spot these animals is at dawn or dusk. Andøy is often also granted with the visit of the bird species that performs the longest migration in the world- the Arctic tern. One of the most special sightings you might experience is the plankton feeding basking shark that can grow to an impressive size of 12 meters!



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