High mountains and deep fjords in the middle of Northern Norway

On a peninsula surrounded by majestic mountain tops lies Narvik all the out along the fjord Ofotsfjorden. Here is the country’s second most narrow part and you can walk across Norway in under a day. Hotel Narvik is beautifully situated near the Narvikfjell with a view over Ofotfjorden. The hotel is a full service hotel with a restaurant and a business meeting capacity for up to 90 people. 

Become one with nature

Narvik’s environment means that it’s the perfect location for anyone wanting to become one with nature. Wedged between fjords and mountains, the high latitude and incredible natural environment mean that this quiet city is a great way to embrace Norwegian history, culture and enjoy some physical activity while you’re at it!

For skiing aficionados, Narvik is the place to be during the winter. With one of the largest drop heights in Scandinavia and magnificent year-round conditions, Narvik has some of the best alpine skiing in Europe. 

If you want to take in the incredible natural surroundings, try your hand at mountain climbing. Rising above sea level, Verdenssvaet provides jaw-dropping views over the region, from the fjords to the plains, and is perfect for a family-friendly expedition. For those who would like a challenge, climb to the peak of Mount Stetinden – voted as Norway’s National Mountain in 2019!

Other popular activities for nature lovers in Narvik include cycling, dog-sledding, and bird-watching – Norway has incredibly diverse birdlife, with eagles, owls, and other birds of prey amongst those endemic to Scandinavia, so there’s plenty to discover.

Ski Facility

Narvikfjellet’s ski resort has both one of Scandinavia’s largest drop heights and excellent off-piste opportunities. Combined with a breathtaking view of the fjord, it is clearly one of Norway’s coolest skiing experiences.

The magazine Outside Online believes that this ski resort in Northern Norway is one of Europe’s 10 best undiscovered ski resorts – we agree!

Narvik is one of Norway’s sustainability-labeled destinations, that is, a place that works systematically to reduce the negative effects of the tourism industry.



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