The Mini Metropol Up North

Comfort Hotel Bodø is a “rock throw” away from everything you need, from nightlife to shopping and also to the concert arena “Stormen”. With 158 rooms and 323 beds, the hotel is big enough to cover almost every need. The atmosphere you will find is calm and balanced, but at the same time hip and cool, which makes this a hotel for everyone. 

The best of Bodø

What is it about this small city in Northern Norway that makes it so special?
The nature? The culture? The people? The secret is quite simple: It’s a little bit of everything! With Bodø as your base, you can easily fill a whole week with fun activities, cultural events, good food, and nature experiences in the Salten region. A hike in Bodømarka or in the mountains close to the city is pretty much mandatory on a trip to Bodø. A local favourite is Keiservarden, which suits most people.During the music festival Nordland Musikkfestuke, you can even enjoy a concert up here!

In Bodø you will find the world’s strongest maelstrom, as well as sea eagles, the midnight sun and the northern lights. Bodø is surrounded by sea and fjord, in a light that constantly changes with the weather and wind. Add to that the exotic fact that both the midnight sun and the northern lights are visible from here. Bodø, capital of the county of Nordland, is just north of the Arctic Circle, where the midnight sun is visible from June 2 to July 10. Due to atmospheric refraction, there is never a true polar night in Bodø, but due to the mountains south of the city, the sun is completely invisible from early December to early January. The average number of sunshine hours per month in Bodø is highest in June with 221 hours.

Another unique feature is the proximity to nature and the sea. Grab an espresso in town before your salty sea safari or mountain hike. Choose between concerts and exhibitions and then jump straight into your kayak or on your off-road bike. The city is known for its hospitality and has one of Norway’s most vibrant student communities.

Rib trip- worlds wildest whirlpool

If you’re after an adrenaline rush, you can’t go wrong with a RIB trip to the world’s strongest maelstrom. Just 30 kilometers west and then south from the town of Bodø you will find one of the most amazing places in Northern Norway. In anywhere really. Every 6 hours when the tide changes you can play witness to an astonishing display of Mother Nature’s brute forces here at Saltstraumen. This is the world’s strongest maelstrom with 400 million cubic meters of water pushing through a narrow strait that separates the islands of Knaplundsøya and Straumsøya. The strait spans 3 kilometers but is only 150 meters wide at the smallest point. When the tide changes, you can witness impressive surges as the water rushes to move between the massive Skjerstadfjord to the outer Saltfjord.

Norway’s second biggest glacier

Norway’s second biggest glacier, the Svartisen, is the southern boundary of the Salten Region. The mountains rise up to 1500 metres, and catch the clouds. At this altitude, however, it falls as snow most of the year, and has accumulated to the glacier we have today. The glacier is visible in many places south of Bodø, but the Engenbreen glacier descends from the main glacier towards Lake Svartisvatnet. Here you can go glacier hiking, or just admire it from the sea. If you don’t go too close, you can also approach the lower front. All this is surrounded by stunning fjords with steep pinnacle mountains, notably the Holandsfjord.



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