Whale Safari in Northern Norway

Thon Hotel Andrikken is a boutique styled hotel situated on Andøya Island, in the fishing village of Andenes. The hotel offers 44 rooms for overnight guests and meeting rooms for small-scale conferences. Experience Andøya’s fantastic nature and the majestic whales in Andenes!

The hidden north

Located on the northern tip of the picturesque Andøya Island, Andenes is a small fishing village that feels like it’s at the end of the world. Still, Andenes is well worth visiting. It is one of the best places in Norway to go whale watching or on a puffin safari, it has the Andøya Space Center, and you are a ferry ride away from the famous Senja Island. 

The great variety of the Norwegian landscape, with everything from safe, marked hiking trails to breathtaking, wild nature, means that Norway has earned its place as one of Europe’s best destinations for hiking and outdoor life.

A quick look at Norway’s diverse landscape and you’ll be sold on the fact that it is one of the most breathtaking countries in the region. With this knowledge, you can’t afford to miss out on basking in its beauty and experiencing it first-hand. Speaking of which, the best way you can appreciate Norway’s beauty is by hiking through it.

Whale Safari

Andenes is best known for its whale safaris. Have a whale of a time on a whale safari! Whale sightings guaranteed! Offering you a once in a lifetime experience to meet with the great sperm whales! This magnificent species is found in an especially nutrient-rich area northwest of Andenes. There is no other place in Norway where the edge of the continental shelf lies so close to the shore as it does near Andenes. This is a great chance to see other kinds of whales: Minke whales, Pilot whales and Killer whales. Along the way, an experienced guide tells you about the area  guaranteeing an exciting and safe experience!

Sea Safari

Sign up for an action-packed sea safari by RIB (rigid inflatable boat). Experience the beautiful island of Andøy from the water, a safari trip to Bleiksøya or go whale-watching in the Andfjord.

Puffin Safari

The puffin safari on Bleik Island is a fascinating activity with the opportunity to get close up to the 160m bird cliff. See puffins, sea eagles, kittiwakes, razorbills, common guillemots, northern fulmars, storm petrels and shags. The boats can also take you out on a fishing expedition or Midnight Sun Safari.

Andøya Space Center

Join a thrilling mission in outer space, explore the Northern Lights and learn about space exploration on the Aurora spaceship.

Andriken Whale


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