World of Fine Wine at Park Hotel Vossevangen

Park Hotel Vossevangen is beautifully located by the lake “Vangsvatnet” in Voss, with a magnificent view of the surrounding nature. The hotel has 122 rooms and offers a wide variety of flexible solutions for courses and conference participants. Park Voss has meeting rooms for both small and large groups where you can find the necessary peace and quiet for carrying out your events.

Park Hotel Vossevangen attracts wine and food lovers with its restaurant and wine cellar, which holds a whopping 70,000 bottles spread over a 220-page wine list, from which you should pre-order. The shorter wine list is always available. Park Hotel Vossevangen invites guests to wine dinners and wine tastings, but you can also dine in the Elysée restaurant, which offers a classic menu.

Wine, Dine, Sleep

At the Park Hotel Vossevangen you can enjoy a delightful gastronomic and unique weekend in the spirit of wine. Wine, Dine, Sleep is the optimal choice for those who long for the total experience at Park Hotel Vossevangen.

Since 1979, owner and wine enthusiast Jan Bruse Andersen has spent a lot of time and energy realizing the dream of building up one of the world’s most complete wine collections.

Park Hotel Vossevangen AS is proud that Jan Bruse Andersen’s dream has today come true and that we have one of the world’s largest and best wine cellars with over 40,000 bottles in stock. The wine collection pretty much covers the entire wine world and contains around 6,000 labels.

We believe that wine can tell a story and that each bottle is a unique experience, an experience we would like to share with you.

Take part in the story every bottle of wine can tell, from the young and exuberant to the more subtle character of mature wine. We are proud to be able to give the wine the time it needs to develop its potential in order to be able to tell its story in the best way.

In recent years, the cellar has been managed by Francesco Marzola. Francesco Marzola is the winner of “Norway’s best sommelier” in 2020 and “Scandinavia’s best sommelier” in 2018. Today it is the twin couple Reidar & Robert who manage the cellar, as former “apprentices” of Francesco, the cellar is in good hands.

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